Sydney Airport master plan approved

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As debate over the location of a second Sydney airport looks to come to a close, Sydney Airport’s master plan has been approved by the Federal Government. The Master Plan 2033 will see the terminals reconfigured from the current international and domestic arrangement to an airline alliance model.

The 20 year master plan aims to meet the forecasted demand of 74 million passengers in 2033. “The initiatives we outline in the Master Plan 2033 will meet the needs of our customers by delivering a superior passenger experience, improving the efficiency of the airport, enhancing safety and maximising capacity at Sydney Airport,” Sydney Airports Corp chief executive Kerrie Mather said.

While the master plan does not outline any changes to the curfew, aircraft movement cap, noise sharing, access arrangements or flight paths, it does identify improved ground transport solutions and the reconfiguration of key roads and access points to help maximise capacity of the available facilities. Upgrading transport in and around the airport will aid in reaching the maximum potential.

Federal Infrastructure and Regional Development Minister Warren Truss said that “While the plan sets out plans to use the airport’s limited growth potential to full effect, it does not change the underlying constraints on the site and it is clear the Sydney region will need another major airport to cope with soaring demand”.

Although Sydney Airport is yet to reach agreements with major airlines, support from the government and other stakeholders is positive. With over 38 million passengers in 2013, Sydney Airport is the nation’s largest international gateway and busiest domestic facility. The master plan is set to alleviate congestion in and around the airport, making travel more efficient.

The Tourism Industry Council is a member of the Western Sydney Airport Alliance.

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