Garden Island Cruise Ship Access

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The Tourism Industry Council NSW has recently provided its submission to the Federal Government Independent Review of Enhanced Cruise Ship Access into Sydney’s Garden Island Naval Dockyard.

With the undeniable growth of cruising at a historic level and trajectory, the Council believes that it is imperative that Sydney is able to capitalise upon this growth and be in a strong position to cater for additional demand over the next decade.

It is clear that with the advent of the new breed mega liners that grace the world’s oceans, 85% of which are unable to fit under the deck of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, that Sydney desperately needs a new cruise ship terminal facility east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at Garden Island.

The Tourism Industry Council believes that a permanent shared arrangement with the Royal Australian Navy is the best solution. Similar arrangements exist at many Airports across Australia including Canberra, Darwin and Townsville.

We are confident that the review into these arrangements will identify a solution that allows for Sydney to cater for the expected growth in cruise ship movements and passenger numbers through till 2020.

Click here to view the TICNSW Cruise Ship submission

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